Powering supply chains since 1996

Our Mission

Driving businesses further and farther, enabling them to meet supply chain goals and demands through holistic logistics solutions.

Topnatch Freight loves to support the growth of the people and businesses we work with. We do this by continuously building on what we do best – logistics. We power businesses’ supply chains, providing efficient and economical cargo transport services tailored to customers’ needs.

Even as you read this, we are busy maximizing our far-reaching network of logistics partners and service providers, propelling our employees and systems to even greater heights of expertise and performance.

Shipments with customers in mind

Cost-efficiency and smooth logistical transitions are at the forefront of our logistical considerations.

Quality from start to finish

High-quality service from booking to delivery, from the frontlines to behind-the-scenes shipment monitoring.

94% customer retention rate

Exemplary service and full transparency are the driving reasons behind our near-100% customer retention rate.

Growth for the Topnatch team

Other than ample compensation, we motivate employees by exploring opportunities for skill acquisition and nurturing.

A pro-environment approach

We have taken steps to optimize our fleet's fuel consumption and engage in community sustainability projects.


We like making logistics easy for everyone.


Introducing the team

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