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Customs Brokerage

Customs brokerage has always been an integral part of the freight forwarding business. Whether the delivery is to a manufacturing site, to trading companies, or to the end-client, Topnatch ensures all customs clearance procedures, irrespective of the mode of transport, are cleared within 24 to 48 business hours.


As one of the leading customs clearing agents in the country, it is crucial for us to ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance carried for all our clients, enabling them to receive their cargo on time. Our experienced customs brokerage team handles all import and export regulations and documentation in the most efficient manner.

Clearance of any type of cargo is done swiftly, irrespective of the size, volume, or complexity of the shipment.

Tariff Consultation

Topnatch has experienced and licensed customs brokers that can provide you accurate tariff rates for your cargo. We can also undertake audits of past import shipments to ensure that no opportunities to legitimately reduce import duty or tax liability have been missed by other customs brokers. Where this has happened, our team frequently succeeds in securing large refunds.

Our initial consultation is free of charge,

and we can usually give you an immediate opinion of the likely
success of any application we make. We are successful in over
90% of the applications we submit on behalf of our clients. Thus,
the savings from duty minimization and tax typically far
outweigh our tariff consultancy professional fees.

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