Air freight

We keep speed at economical prices, providing direct access to airport destinations through the world’s leading airlines.

Beat the rush by air

Nothing beats air freight when it comes to fast and reliable long-distance shipping. If time is a bigger concern than cost, we recommend going with air freight to bring down your cargo transit time by at least 75%. Although cargo volume has significantly increased in all modes of freight transport in recent years, airports remain less prone to congestion when compared side by side with ports, enabling air freight to further pull ahead in transit time.

Fragile and time-sensitive goods are some of the cargo types that are best shipped by air. This is especially true for shipments that come in relatively smaller quantities. The faster transit time when shipping by air also lessens the cargo’s exposure to potentially harmful conditions, such as the weather. In fact, just by virtue of spending less time in transit, air cargo has a much lower probability of taking damage during transport.

Got cargo with special handling needs?

We move them, too.

We make air freight extra convenient.

Trucking and cargo transfer

Loading and unloading on and off the airplane is handled by the airline crew, but we provide trucking and delivery services when needed.


We’ll pick up your goods from the supplier and deliver them straight to your business (or home) address.

Cargo insurance

Air freight is an even safer transport option than sea freight, but we do have cargo insurance at the ready upon the customer’s request.

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