Customs brokerage

Sea freight remains the most cost-effective way to ship your cargo across territories divided by the ocean.

Customs clearance at its best

We don’t like stalling cargo. With an abundance of experienced and knowledgeable licensed customs brokers in our team, all with proven expertise in the industry, we are able to provide our customs clearance service with accuracy and efficiency, with little to no room for documentation and processing errors. For every shipment, we aim to release imports from Customs within three working days, and release exports for transit within five. 

Customs brokerage requires a very acute attention to detail. Import/Export permits vary depending on cargo type and the ports of loading and destination. These are also prone to change as dictated by local trade policies. For easy logistics, such nuances and know-how are best delegated to customs brokers who are trained to track such developments, as well as accurately assign corresponding duties and taxes to different types of cargo.

We offer more than just customs clearance.

Permit assistance

The long list of requirements to start importing/exporting can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll assist you in preparing the needed documents, and if needed, even expedite your import/export license.


Tariff consultation

Not sure if you’ve been given the right duties and taxes for your cargo? You can check with us for a second opinion.


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