Sea freight

We provide coverage in all major ports worldwide through our extensive network and partner international carriers.

Ship with less cost by sea

Sea freight remains the most cost-effective way to ship your cargo across territories divided by the ocean. We understand that reducing shipping cost is one of businesses’ top supply chain priorities, so we recommend moving cargo by sea for almost every shipment forwarded to us by companies from different industries. There is also practically no space concern when shipping by sea. Sea freight provides much needed flexibility, supporting all kinds of oversized cargoes, even those whose dimensions go beyond that of containers.
With hundreds of containers shipped by sea per year, we give businesses the assurance that their cargoes are in safe and capable hands. Our service remains the same topnotch quality across the board – from providing continuous sea freight solutions to regular importers and exporters, to assisting first-time and nonregular shippers. We also benefit from good relations with multiple shipping lines, allowing us to effectively compare and relay the lowest rates to customers

Got cargo with special handling needs?

We move them, too.

All your sea freight needs are with us.

FCL shipping

A container with high-quantity cargo forwarded to only one consignee or receiver is shipped in full-container load (FCL).

LCL shipping

A container with cargo meant to be sent to different consignees or receivers is a less-than-container load (LCL) shipment. This option is perfect for further cutting down shipping costs when your cargo cannot substantially fill out a container.


We’ll pick up your goods from the supplier and deliver them straight to your business (or home) address.

Stuffing and stripping

We supervise the loading and unloading of cargo on and off a container.

Marine insurance

We make sure your cargo is in good hands, but there’s no harm in adding another layer of security. We add marine insurance upon the customer’s request.

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